My Top 5 Games Per Console (NES & SNES)

Lists are fun. We all love lists. We love reading them, making them, listing them, you name it. I’m going to make a list for each console that I have a decent amount of gaming experience on for my top 5 favorite games on each. This disqualifies any PC games, as I have next to no experience playing those. I’m also going to skip the handhelds (GameBoy, DS, etc.) simply because I only ever had Nintendo handhelds, and those lists would just be full of Zelda and Mario games.

Let’s start old school, with the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the Regular Nintendo, as I grew up calling it.


1.Legend of Zelda

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


4. Battle Toads


5. Duck Hunt


Okay, I’ll admit, this is more of a “What I Remember Playing” list than a list of the top 5 best games on the system. I didn’t have a NES growing up, so I had to settle for playing my uncle’s or friend’s consoles, and those are the 5 games I remember spending the most time with. Of the 5, I only ever beat Super Mario Bros. 3, and that was with the aid of the flute. This generation of games was just too difficult for little Kandid.

Now onto the Super Nintendo, or the SNES for short. This is where things get interesting. I played the crap out of the SNES growing up, and I still occasionally hook it up to this day to play some of the better ones (and so my cheap ass doesn’t have to pay for them again on Virtual Console). Here we go.


1.Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


2. Super Mario World


3. Donkey Kong Country 2


4. Earth Defense Force


5. Rival Turf!


The first three games on this list hardly need any explanation or justification. Not only are A Link to the Past and Super Mario World my two favorite games on SNES, but they’re probably at the top of my favorite games of all time as well.

The epic story of Link rescuing Princess Zelda and the rest of the maidens from Agahnim and Ganon is a classic tale that I’ve played through more times than I can count. Super Mario World as well. I loved the art direction in that game even as a small child. My favorite memory of Super Mario World is camping out on my porch with my friend in the fort we built, with a small tube TV and my SNES being central to the fort. We stayed in that blanket fort until we had found every exit to every level in the game.

EDF and Rival Turf! are probably a lot less well-known. EDF was a side scrolling ship shoot ’em up. There have been plenty of games like it since then, but EDF had to have been one of the first, if not THE first.

You started the game by choosing a weapon. There were dozens to choose from, but I always went for the Homing Weapons. Even so, the game was incredibly difficult. As a kid, I could never pass the second or third level, and even the last time I played (maybe 5 years ago or so), I don’t think I passed the 4th level. Still, it was great. The boss designs were epic for the time, and you had to dip and dodge out of the way of a screen filled with enemies. With only 3 little chunks of health available, you really had to know how to maneuver.

I actually had to search for what the title of Rival Turf! actually was. When I was little, for some reason, I tried swapping the stickers on the Link to the Past and Rival Turf! cartridges. I tore almost the entire sticker off of the Rival Turf! game before I was subdued, and since I couldn’t read the title screen that always popped up, I just called the game Fight.

A side scrolling beat ’em up, I can remember spending hours with a friend of mine trying to beat Fight/Rival Turf!. I don’t think we ever did beat it, but that’s the first co-op game I remember being able to play alongside a friend. There was even a VS mode, though it wasn’t nearly as fun as the co-op mode.

This post has gone on longer than I thought it would, so check back soon to see my top 5 for N64, GameCube, and Xbox!


Edit: Not sure why the NES images aren’t spacing correctly. I apologize to all of the like minded OCD people out there that are being bothered by it just as much as me >_<


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